Installation and training

Our staff has been installing and providing training on complex system since 1984. Many of our engineers have over 20 years of experience with bar code system installation and client training with experience like that, we can bring you a solution that is not only more comprehensive in design, but one that will allow your investments to begin paying off sooner.

Repair/ Maintenance

All out hardware solutions come with maintenance; repair and support services that help keep your business operating effectively. Our network of dedicated, certified repair facilities allows us to offer a variety of options – from a simple break/fix program to full services depot support. And we handle the little things that can be so frustrating. need to replace a broken cable, outdated device charger or find a unique battery? SICC Services is your go-to supplier for all your barcode needs. Of the box and that work reliably over their lifetime

System consultancy and assessment

Our technical staff can help you determine the size, scope and technical specifications that best meet your barcoding needs. We provide onsite surveys to map out locations and requirements for wireless hardware access ports. We work with you to provide full project details – from work statements o specifications to milestones to budgets if that's what you want. Or , we can provide a straightforward quote for the recommended solutions along with alternatives and the benefits/drawbacks of these . we understand you need solutions that work out of the box and that work reliably over their lifetime.

We strive to deliver exactly that by thoroughly understanding you needs before we propose a solution.

Software Integration

We take pride in our ability to ensure that the data your equipment is capturing is correctly integrated into your business software. Whether you are using sophisticated enterprise resource planning software, build your own business software or simply want to connect to an out-of-the-box accounting or inventory software package , our technical staff has a wealth of experience to help. If you are looking for WMS,DSD or inventory tracking software, in most cases we can recommend a solution from one of our independent software (ISV) PARTNERS. Our technical staff is certified in the use of multiple emulation and device management software offerings, thus we can help you maximize your hardware uptime and security.