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Successful businesses run on information. To effectively manage and move products within your warehouse and supply chain, you must gather and communicate vital information about stock levels, picking activities, put-away, item attributes and many other data elements.

Then, to provide complete visibility, each piece of that information must correlate with other data and be delivered to the appropriate user, at the appropriate time, and in the proper context.

To become a Best-in-Class warehousing operation, complete visibility and data automation are essential.

Once you establish procedures for regular data collection and performance measurement, you can understand how your business is currently performing, and where you can improve. You can then respond quickly to customer demands, increase inventory turns, improve line-level accuracy and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements.

Retailers of all types mass merchandisers, department stores, specialty stores or general merchandisers—face increasing competition, shrinking margins, a stronger demand for better customer service and more accurate inventory management. If inventory is out of stock, customer satisfaction and loyalty are at risk.

Product availability is a significant factor in customer satisfaction and loyalty. More efficient mobile solutions allow you to improve accuracy for better customer service, while real-time inventory management reduces out-of-stock situations, inventory loss and improves profitability.

From the front-line employees working with customers, to warehouse operations and inventory, mobility can smooth the entire retail process. With automatic data collection and management, you can increase productivity and streamline processes throughout your retail operations—from the front door to the back:

  • Increase and protect profitability
  • Enhance customer service and increase sales
  • Improve inventory management with more timely reordering of the right products
  • Prevent costly out-of-stocks and lost sales
  • Increase inventory turns to improve product offering and reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Restock the retail floor quickly and efficiently
  • Accelerate sales of seasonal items and compete with competitor promotional campaigns with prompt markdowns
  • Place inventory orders automatically at specified low-stock levels, without associate intervention
  • Accelerate training of store associates

Pharmaceutical production control:

Pharmaceutical production affects our daily performance due to interaction of medicine to the society.

The control and security during packaging lines to control it's production such as broken tablets, incomplete tablets or missing tablets with dedicated camera systems.

On the other hand, control of medicine with it's leaflet and box's are totally controlled with a high performance vision system. A methodology for counterfeit control is also available, which can lead if the medicine is genuine or false.

A set of tools involving advanced PPI degree, online database and internet performs this task.

The key to competitive edge in transportation and logistics is timing, tracking and safety. Companies rely on you to streamline movement through their supply chains. You can rely on us to provide you with advanced data capture, printing and RFID solutions to ensure your operations remain lean and highly predictable.

We will help you identify and implement mobile computer and barcode scanning solutions that optimize your load planning, routing, accounting and scheduling activities.

We will provide you access to a variety of printers designed to work in rugged, "on-the-move" environments. Our ADC, RFID and touchscreen technologies and software will make it easy for your employees to to keep track of your goods in real-time and ensure compliance with safety standards

Eight in ten manufacturers report an increasing reliance on mobility.

In fact, in a recent survey of over 3,300 manufacturing IT decision-makers, over 70% view mobility as the key to converting downtime into productive time, recovering a daily average of 42 minutes per employee.1 Manufacturers investing and leveraging wireless infrastructure, industry-specific devices and automated data collection and management see higher productivity for all workers, increased investment in raw materials, and increased accuracy and relevancy of the real-time data they need to make better business decisions